Digital Impact on the usage of buildings

In the midst of one of the biggest technology transitions ever digital disruption is affecting most industries. Industries which have by nature strong ties to the property space. In other words it will have a direct impact how to use office space or leads to new requirements for the hospitality industry or create new value experiences for retail customers. Increasing complexity. Incumbents will struggling or find new strategies to survive or may even disappear at all.  New incumbents or disruptors will occur.

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Committing to Innovation: A discussion with Beth Comstock

In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast , senior partner Erik Roth talks with Beth Comstock, former vice chair of GE, about the challenges corporations face in developing breakthrough innovations. Beth is an innovation leader who spent almost three decades at GE, where for a time she headed GE Business Innovations, which develops new businesses, markets, and service models.

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The next normal in construction: How disruption is reshaping the world’s largest ecosystem

This article was a collaborative, global effort among Maria João Ribeirinho, Jan Mischke, Gernot Strube, Erik Sjödin, Jose Luis Blanco, Rob Palter, Jonas Biörck, David Rockhill, and Timmy Andersson. The construction industry, and its broader ecosystem, erects buildings, infrastructure, and industrial structures that are the foundation of our economies and are essential to our daily lives.

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The future of work in Europe

Discussions of the labor outlook in Europe are understandably overshadowed by the impact of the novel coronavirus crisis. A discussion paper by the McKinsey Global Institute, The future of work in Europe (PDF-1MB) takes a longer-term view of the situation, to 2030.

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Office design: what does the future workplace look like?

Gone are the days of employees trapped in isolated booths, heads down with little social interaction. For many businesses, gone still is the ubiquitous open-plan style that followed. Instead, office design has shifted towards flexible working, with spaces to suit different needs, such as co-working and collaboration, socialising and private research.

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Strategy at the speed of digital

In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, we share McKinsey research on how fast and boldly companies need to move to win in the digital era, and describe some common pitfalls in digital strategy and ways to avoid them. This is an edited transcript.

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Why the Future of Retail is Offline

Co-authored by Brendan Wallace , Co-founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall & The Report’s of Retail’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated Kevin Campos , Partner and Head of Fifth Wall’s Retail Fund The Vast Majority of Retail Sales Still Happen Offline Today, we announced Fifth Wall’s $100 million Retail Fund (see coverage in The Wall Street Journal).

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