Financial technology a key technology of CRE Tech

Financial Technology in short FinTech is one of the most promising industries. They will play a key role and changing the face of the property market. With platform technology the lending and underwriting process will be faster, easier and more transparent. Due diligence and Underwriting of property investments will speed up significantly.

FinTech is about to raise capital online and reach new accredited investors through online portals. It’s about to explore ways to supplement traditional means of fundraising and to further differentiate ourselves in a crowded space.

2020-04-07T11:11:17+02:00April 7th, 2020|FinTech|

How Covid-19 Is Impacting Fintech Financing | CB Insights Research

Fintech deals and dollars are falling quarter over quarter, reflecting broader market uncertainty and potentially tough times ahead. We examine where startups in the space go from here. Fintech has been on a tear over the past couple of years, with record funding levels and rising valuations.

2020-02-13T14:24:41+01:00February 11th, 2020|FinTech|

Capital markets under threat, only innovators will survive

The main players in global capital markets – investment banks, asset managers and stock exchanges – collectively generate some $500 billion in revenues each year. But according to William Wright, founder of think tank New Financial, this is far from sufficient to ensure their survival.


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